5 Best Free and Open-Source Bible Study Programs for Linux and Windows

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Free and Open-Source Bible Study Programs

While there are many commercial Bible study programs available, there are also several very excellent free and open-source Bible study applications. They have many of the same features as their proprietary counterparts, yet they are available for free thanks to the many great open-source programmers. Below are 5 of the best open-source Bible study applications available.

Click on each one for more info, screenshots, and installation instructions for Windows and Linux (Ubuntu and openSUSE).

  1. Xiphos - Currently at version 3.1.5, Xiphos is one of the most feature rich and functional open-source Bible study applications available.
  2. BibleTime - At version 2.9.1, BibleTime is built using the SWORD programming libray to provide 200+ free Bible texts, commentaries, dictionaries and books.
  3. BPBible - A great program which includes a unique proximity search.
  4. Bible Desktop - Bible Desktop is a java application, currently at version 1.6.
  5. Diatheke - Geared more toworads developers, Diatheke is a command line Bible study program that is very powerful.

If there is an open-source program you would like to see added to this list, feel free to leave a comment below. Or if you know of a free, but proprietary program, please comment as well.

Rick Meyers' e-sword is excellent, and my favorite.

Oops! Forgot to mention that e-Sword is not open source, but it is free, and very actively maintained.

e-Sword is free, but it is ONLY for Windows, and it is not open source. So, as good as it is, it doesn't make this list.

E-Sword runs very well under Wine on Linux and Mac computers.

eSword USE to run well using Wine, but the last few versions have been pretty rough with the 5 or so distro I have tried it with the last year....it has been getting flaky even under windows for a few of us, so we tried out theWord software and have switched to it..

A MUCH cleaner interface and faster searching, plus more quality free content than eSword at this point in time...and for our little church, this is important...

While it doesn't make the list, the last paragraph encourages comments on free, yet non open-source software as well.

Free as freedom, not free as a free beer.

wikisource has copies of various public domain translations of the bible and english wikipedia has loads of information on the bible.

theWord runs excellent (and is also fast) under Wine on Linux and MAC, and it is the best (all around) free Bible software. I know many are using it on Linux and MAC as it's much superior than the native alternatives (eSword included).

Also worth mentioning are:

BibleWay.us is a base for the Opensource project Scripture.

Scripture is a fully-featured (PHP) online and Mobile study application. It allows users to read, interact and study the Bible using many unique tools

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