How to Fix 80244019 Windows Update Error - Windows 7

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How to Fix 80244019 Windows Update Error - Windows 7

The 80244019 Windows Update error message is usually caused by a registry setting for a WSUS server. If you are no longer using the WSUS server or it is not online, you can simply delete the registry key and all of its subkeys to resolve the problem. As always with registry changes, make a backup of the registry before you delete anything:


Restart the "Windows Update" service after deleting the key. You may also have to restart, but most likely not. This may work on Windows XP as well, but I haven't tested it yet.

After windows there is no windows update folder do you have any other way to fix this?

I did this, followed the steps perfectly and now I am getting "Windows could not search for new updates" Error Code 8024402F


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