HP 4/12 Brocade Firmware Upgrade - How to

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HP 4/12 Brocade Firmware Upgrade - How to
If you are like me and got your hands on a Brocade fiber switch from HP, then most likely you will need to do some firmware upgrades.
With these switches you cannot simply go and upgrade to the latest version. HP states that you should not upgrade directly if it is more than 2 versions newer than your current firmware version. So this tutorial will give you the instructions on how to get the older firmware versions as well as how to upgrade them.
  • Downloading the Firmware
The first thing you need to do is go to http://www.hp.com/ and click on Support & Drivers.
Then you type in your brocade fiber switch model:
brocade firmware 1
On the next page choose “Cross Operating System…” and scroll down till you find the firmware section:
brocade firmware 2
You should see something in the description that starts with “Interim B-Series Firmware…”. Click Obtain Software. Next you must download each file that is newer than your current firmware version:
brocade firmware 3
Once you download all of the ZIP files simply extract them into the same folder. Here is how I structured my folder:
brocade firmware 4
This folder needs to be accessible by FTP or SCP.
Note: If you are running 5.0.5 like I was, then SCP is not an option. This was added in future versions.
  • Check your firmware version

The first thing you want to do is run the command firmwareshow after you login.

brocade firmware 5

This will display your current firmware on your Primary and Secondary versions. One you know the firmware you are currently running you need to find the next version (which you downloaded previously) and start the firmware upgrade.
  • Upgrade your firmware
To upgrade your firmware you will simply run firmwaredownload to start the process. It will ask you for your server name, username, path, and password.
Your folder structure should be laid out like: ROOTDIR/v6.0.1a and not like ROOTDIR/v6.0.1a/v6.0.1a for the commands I provide to work. If it is like the latter then just adjust the path.
  • firmwaredownload
  • User Name: <your username to FTP>
  • File Name: <new version>/release.plist
  • Network Protocol: Auto, FTP, SCP
  • Password: <your password to FTP>
  • Type: Y to continue
brocade firmware 6
Now you should start seeing it process:
brocade firmware 7
It should tell you to reboot afterwards. Login when it comes back up. You need to run firmwareshow again to make sure the primary and secondary versions are both at the new version you just upgraded to.
Note: If secondary says “Unavailable” then that most likely means it is currently updating the secondary version. You will not be allowed to continue with further updates until this is done.
brocade firmware 8
brocade firmware 9


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