How to Disable or Remove Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration in Windows Server 2008

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Internet Explorer

You just installed Windows Server 2008 on your brand new server and you open up Internet Explorer for the first (and last) time to download Google Chrome or Firefox...


You get hit with this annoying message:


Luckily, it is really easy to turn off Internet Explorer's Enhanced Security Configuration so you can be on your way installing a better web browser. Simply go to Start > Run > servermanager.msc to open the Server Manager console. Scroll down to the Security Information section and click “Configure IE ESC”:


Check the Off button for the groups that you want IE ESC disabled for:


Now when you open Internet Explorer you will be greeted with this slightly less annoying message:


Now you can download another web browser without being bothered by annoying messages from Internet Explorer.

*** NOTE ***

To disable IE ESC on Server 2003, check here:


Internet Explorer Enhanced Security will not allow me get into add/remove program, or any other applications except for administrative tools and the internet browser. I have windows xp. How can I disable or uninstall it?

IE ESC will not affect the ability to open Add/Remove Programs or any other part of Windows other than IE itself. You can open Add/Remove Programs by going to Start > Run > appwiz.cpl or by simply opening the control panel and choosing Add/Remove Programs. If you are not able to do that, there is likely a group policy blocking it.

For XP, this link may help you configure Enhanced Security features:

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