Top 10 Free and Open-Source Web Hosting Control Panels for Linux or Windows With Demos

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Web Hosting Control Panel

With the high cost and lock-ins of popular web hosting control panels such as cPanel and Plesk, many people seek open-source alternatives. Being open-source, these control panels can be modified and tailored to your specific needs. Many of them also have comparable features to their proprietary counterparts. Below is a feature comparison chart for the 10 best open-source web hosting control panels of my choosing. My rankings are based on personal experience, usability, and features. There is also a brief description, screenshots, and link to a demo (if available) below. While there are many different types of open-source control panels, this article focuses primarily on control panels designed for web hosting. I hope this helps some of you with your decision of which control panel to use. If there are any other open-source or free web hosting control panels that you think are worth mentioning, leave a comment, and I will make sure to give it an honorable mention:


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1.  ISPConfig - One of the most popular hosting panels for Linux. Has the most features and great community support. Runs on most major Linux distributions, including: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, and OpenSuSE.

Demo - Username: admin Password: demo

ISPConfig Screenshot


2.  Kloxo - A fully featured project that is actively maintained. It's noted for it's sleek interface. Only runs on CentOS or RHEL.




3.  OpenPanel - An actively maintained project for Linux, packed full of features. Has a great looking and easy to navigate interface. Also has a CLI, which can do most things the web interface can.



4.  ZPanel - A maintained project with plenty of features. The only one in this list that is designed for Linux and Windows.

Demo - Username: zadmin Password: password



5.  GNUPanel - An active project with many features. Even though the name implies it is a member of the GNU Project, it currently is not. However, that is one of the goals of GNUPanel. To help them achieve this goal, please visit their homepage and contribute with a donation




6.  EHCP - Easy Hosting Control Panel is also an actively maintained project. It runs on Debian or Debian based distros (such as Ubuntu).

Demo - Username: Password: 1234



7.    i  spCP - A great panel with lots of features. The project is actively maintained. The project is based off and includes developers from the now unmaintained VHCS panel.



8.  VHCS - Full of features. A great project, yet no longer maintained.



9.  GPLHost DTC - A well featured project that has some interesting features. The interface could use some design updates.



10.  RavenCore - No longer updated, but it has some features that make it worth while. Very lightweight and designed with security in mind.


Great article,i woud mention Ajenti and some odher but still great work.Thanks
I have also tutorial about web hosting control panels with install guide included at

Hello there,

Maybe you could also consider Core-Admin ( It's got a Free Web Edition that allows handling all around web, mail, dns and ftp without any domain or account limit. There's also a commercial edition with additional options and technical support.

In the other hand, considering your classification, Core-Admin has all checked but Windows support and Billing system.

Hope it helps!


Don't Forget about Vesta CP, Vesta CP is a new control panel that i think is definitely the best choice, easy to install and also has great performance, I love that it uses Nginx and also SpamAssassin and fail2ban. That makes for a more secure installation, and the control panel is clean and easy to manage I wrote a small tutorial on how to install with these features here Note: this is for Ubuntu 14.04 but should work for most Linux distributions.

You should also add VestaCP and Ajenti. Both are free, lightweight and powerful control panels.

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