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So over the past couple days I have been dealing with the driver problem from ATI video cards. There are many post out on the web about the blue screen of death referring to the ATI2DVAG driver.


I was working on a Dell computer and just installed the latest driver for the ATI HD Radeon 2400 video card. Keep in mind this was a freshly wiped computer, and having it blue screen all the time was very frustrating. After uninstalling the drivers and attempting to reinstall the problem still remained. So I decided to give ATI a call.


From what I was told this problem is an issue that will not and can not be resolved. There are so many different occurrences that could make your computer give the BSOD. The only suggestions that the guy gave me was to try older versions of the drivers and not the newest one. I guess this made sense to me since we have numerous other computers will the same card. Come to find out they had a driver back from 2007.


So trying the oldest version I could find it seems to of resolved the issue. I often hear about this occurring when playing graphic intensive games, but in my case there was no games played at all. Simple web browsing and emails. So if you have this problem then just try older / newer versions of the driver for trial and error purposes. It looks like this problem will never be fixed (according to ATI)


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