How to turn off or disable DHCP on a cisco router

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For all of you experienced Cisco people, this may seem easy to you, however,  for all the noobs out there, this is how you turn off or disable DHCP on a Cisco router:

config t

no service dhpc


copy run start

Really simple, huh...

Hope that helps some of you

I think the command should be:

no service dhcp

-- now, what about enabling DHCP?

no ip dhcp conflict logging
ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp pool MyRouterDHCPPool
network /16
domain-name mydomain.local
netbios-node-type h-node

Then you can enable it using the
no service dhcp

if you wanted it to stop serving addresses.

Joel Helgeson

does tcp mss adjust affect DHCP , i mean users were not getting IP address from DHCP server lactated remotely. I am observing for all sites where tcp mss adjust is configured on LAN interface is working fine but issue is with only that site where tcp mss adjust is not configured.

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