BPBible - Easy to Use Open-Source Bible Study Software - How to Install on Linux and Windows

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BPBible is an excellent open-source Bible study application. It can import over 200 Bible's, commentaries, maps, and more from the SWORD Project. Some of it's main features include:

  • Proximity Based Search
  • Flexible Layout
  • Topic Management
  • Scripture Tooltips

To install in Windows, simply go here and download the latest installer (currently .5.1.1).

Since version .5, BPBible hasn't natively worked in Linux. You can find a youtube video here that shows how to run BPBible .4.7 natively on Ubuntu 10.10, however, it won't work for recent versions of the application. Here is an explanation as to why .5 won't work. You must run the Windows version with WINE on Linux. To install WINE, run the following command:

Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install wine

openSUSE: sudo zypper install wine

To download and install BPBible, run the following commands:

wget http://bpbible.googlecode.com/files/bpbible-
chmod +x ./bpbible-

wine ./bpbible-

After installing, perform the following to download and install the King James Version of the Bible in BPBible:
wget http://www.crosswire.org/ftpmirror/pub/sword/packages/rawzip/KJV.zip
File > Install Books > Select the KJV.zip file

Check out the screenshots:




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