goofile 1.5 - Search for Filetypes from Command Line from a Specified Domain Name Using Google

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goofile is a command line python script that searches for specified filetypes from specified domains through the terminal/command line. You can download it here, or by running this command:


If you would like to search for files with the extension "txt" on this website, run this command:

./ -d -f txtgoofile

As you can see in the background of the image, does the exact same thing as a google query like this: "filetype:txt"

Obviously, this makes this script seem very basic and useless, however, it can be quite useful in certain situations where you need to script stuff like this. One drawback to this script is it doesn't actually support searching. If I were to use google, I could do a search like this: "filetype:txt linux", and I would have a list of txt files with the word linux in them returned. Unfortunately, this isn't possible with goofile at this time.

Author of goofile here. Just and FYI, I plan on adding the ability for a text search parameter in the next release.


Looking forward to the next release!

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