How to Get and Download all File Type Links from a Web Page - Linux

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This tutorial explains how to take a URL and get all of the links for a specific file type (pdf, jpg, mp3, wav, whatever extension you want) exported into a list and download all of the links in Linux. In my example, I have a web page with over 20 links to pdf files. Instead of downloading them individually and manually, this script will allow me to download all of them at one time, and give me a list of each link.

You need to have lynx and wget installed before running this script. To install, run the following command:

Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install lynx-cur wget

openSUSE: sudo zypper install lynx wget

Save the following text as and execute it by running "sh":


#! /bin/bash
lynx --dump | awk '/http/{print $2}' | grep pdf > /tmp/file.txt
for i in $( cat /tmp/file.txt ); do wget $i; done

Thanks for the script, save me time to download files.
Little improvement made to the script be more flexible

#! /bin/bash
lynx --dump $1 | awk '/http/{print $2}' | grep $2 > /tmp/file.txt
for i in $( cat /tmp/file.txt ); do wget $i; done

On execution :

./script_down_links <some_link> <filetype {pdf,doc,ppt,...}>

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