How to Hack Random Accounts In A Few Easy Steps

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How to Hack Random Accounts In A Few Easy Steps

While this method may not technically be hacking, it definitely exploits a weakness in uninformed users. Perhaps you've heard of the site, It's commonly used by people to create a free temporary email address to use when you want to avoid getting spam to your primary email account. However, people frequently use this site to register for accounts to things like, facebook, gmail, or any other site they don't want to use their primary email for. Most people that use this site either don't care or don't realize that any one can see the emails that are on this site, as long as you know the name of the email address. Here is a screenshot from their FAQ that explains this:


So basically, anyone can have access to the the inbox of any email address on this site, just by knowing the name of the email address. You may be thinking now, "Well that's dumb. I'll never be able to guess the name of an email address that's been used in the past 24 hours!"

Well, actually it's not that hard at all. Currently they have 10 domains names to choose from, and any one can pick any email address from any of these domains:

How to Hack Random Accounts In A Few Easy Steps

It turns out, it's really easy to guess email addresses that have been used in the past 24 hours. Go ahead and try a few things, simple stuff, like, "a", "123", "1", "abc", "fart", or whatever you feel like guessing. You'll see that people frequently use common email addresses like these. Once you find an active one, just look at the items in the inbox. Find out if they registered an account on another website using this email address. If they did, use the password reset form on that site to reset their password. It's as simple as that.

I know a lot of people may think this "script kiddie'ish", but it it definitely can easily get you access to random accounts of other people.

Remember, use Tor when you want to remain anonymous.

*This article is just proof of concept. I or doesn't suggest or condone doing anything listed in this article. Accessing other peoples accounts is illegal, and can get you in serious trouble.

This same concept also works at, however, their emails stay in the inbox for up to 3 days.

If you know any other sites like this, feel free to leave a comment

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