How to Mirror Ports on HP V1910 Series Switch - Tutorial on How to Configure

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HP Port Mirroring

HP V1910 series switches are capable of performing "one-to-one" or "many-to-one" port mirroring. This means you can choose to have one or several ports mirrored to another port. In my example, I am using an HP V1910-48G switch.

  • Log into the web interface of the switch. Click on Device > Port Mirroring > Create > Enter 1 for the Mirroring Group ID > Click Apply

HP V1910 Port Mirroring 1

  • Click on Modify Port > Select Mirroring Group ID > Set Port Type to Monitor Port > Select a single port for the Monitoring Port > Click Apply (In my example, I chose port 2):

HP V1910 Port Mirroring 2

  • Change the Port Type to Mirror Port > Choose Inbound, Outbound, or Both for Stream Orientation > Select 1 or more ports to be mirrored > Click Apply (In my example, I chose ports 1 & 3):

HP V1910 Port Mirroring 3

To monitor the traffic, simply connect a PC running Wireshark to the designated Monitor port. The PC is not required to be configured with an IP address. If it is plugged in with no address, you will not see any extra traffic from the PC itself.

Thanks for this. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks also for the tip on how to set up the mirroring PC.

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