How to Schedule a Reboot or Restart - Windows

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Windows - Schedule Reboot

Thanks to the task scheduler in Windows, scheduling a reboot of a system is very easy. Simply schedule the task for the preferred time, and set the action to run the shutdown program with the restart switch. Here are step-by-step picture instructions on how to do it (This should work on any version of WIndows, including: Server 2008, Windows 7 & 8, and Windows Vista):

Open the Task Scheduler by typing "Task Scheduler" in the start menu's search box, or by going here:

Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Task Scheduler

Right click on "Task Scheduler (local)" in the left pane and click "Create Basic Task":

Windows Schedule Reboot 1

Give the task a name and description:

Windows Schedule Reboot 2

Choose when you want the task to start (in my case, it's a one time task):

Windows Schedule Reboot 3

Choose the date and time for the task:

Windows Schedule Reboot 4

Choose "Start a program":

Windows Schedule Reboot 5

Click Browse to locate the shutdown.exe program (it's located at C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe). Enter "-t 0 -r -f" in the arguments section (this means -time 0 -restart -force_restart):

Windows Schedule Reboot 6

Review your task and click Finish:

Windows Schedule Reboot 7

You now have a scheduled task to reboot your system.

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